Posted on: May 18, 2009 4:02 pm

Rested and Ready...to Fantasy Blog

Well I'm back from my honeymoon. I take it from the overwhelming response to my pre-honeymoon column that you'll all now be able to finally get some sleep and carry on with your lives knowing that I have returned safely and will now be resuming my blogging duties. For anyone who is interested, Wifi access was sporatic at best.  Most hotels offer it, but at an exorbitant rate. Some cities actually had public free hotspots which was really nice, but I still had to tote my laptop to that public place and find a comfortable place to site for a few minutes. Internet cafes were fewer and further between than I had expected. So, between all of those options, I was able to check on my teams a few times...much to the dismay of my new wife. But we are still married, so 'no harm-no foul'. 

So, I was looking back through the community and our customer support emails to see what I missed the last couple of weeks. It seems like some of you are continuing to harp on the scoring changes made to the Fantasy Baseball games.  In these threads I've seen myself and some other CBSSports.com Fantasy Baseball writers get called out for not addressing these anymore.  I am not ignoring these, I just think that we've beat that horse to death. You can continue to make your voice heard to your heart's content though.  Just know that we will be reviewing the scoring system again at the end of the season and we'll make any changes that we deem necessary to ensure the most fair and most fun game possible. 

Another issue that I keep hearing about is the amount of time that it can sometimes take for a player to hit the DL on our site. First of all, I'll let you know that in years past we've relied on an automated process. It involved a few moving parts and admittedly it probably wasn't as timely as it could have been.  This year, in response to our customers, we've been trying to couple the automated process with someone who is actually "babysitting" it to make sure that players get updated in a more timely fashion. Again, it is not perfect but in my opinion has been vastly improved from years past. Plus we are working on a new automated process that should all but eliminate the issue. I know this is an area where we can improve and we are taking action to do so. 
What is troublesome to me about some of the postings and emails I've seen is that some of our users don't realize that a player must actually be placed on the official MLB Disabled List before we can do anything about it.  Anything else is just speculation. I saw more than a few people complaining about Carlos Delgado not being updated and they were time stamped well before he was actually put on the DL. We can't help it if the Mets are wavering about what to do with this guy. Anyway, I don't mind people ripping us when we are slow to get someone on the DL, but I can't help but get defensive when our hands are tied.  For the record, once Delgado was placed on the DL, we had him updated quickly.  

What else did I miss?
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