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Posted on: April 23, 2009 1:15 pm
Edited on: April 23, 2009 1:16 pm

How Many Ways Can You View a Lineup?

I apologize for not getting a blog up sooner this week, but I have been on the road. I've been attending the usability tests that are being conducted on our Fantasy Commissioner setup process in San Francisco. I'll be doing a blog about this whole experience early next week. But suffice it to say that since these tests, I have been looking at our products in a whole new light.

So, today I went to set my lineup and was wondering is anyone uses the additional "lineup views" that I use so regularly. The lineup views are the little links on the upper right hand corner of your lineup on the Set Lineup page. For example, they say 'Schedule', 'Matchups',  'Yesterday', 'Last 7 Days', 'Last 14 Days', 'YTD Stats'. So, to answer my own question about the blog, accoriding to us, there are 6 ways to view your lineup.

But as I am analyzing this feature, there are a few things I need to consider. Is this feature useful? To me, it is really helpful when looking at my lineup and determining who to start or sit. It is a quick and easily consumable way to get information that I would normally have to go elsewhere for. It is one of the features I use most on the site. But is it useful to our users?

How could it be more useful? What other pieces of data could be incorporated? Is the existing data useful? For instance, I don't think the Matchups are necessarily as useful as the stats themselves. But to someone else they might be. I can think of a few things I'd like to see here, but this feature isn't specifically for me. It's for our users.

Can our users find this feature? Or is it too hidden? An issue that comes up here quite often is the fact that we are not sure if a feature is not being heavily consumed because it is not a compelling feature or is it because the users do not know it is there. People who have been using our site for years can probably find their way through the site pretty well just because they have been doing it for so long. But since the Lineup Views are sort of not in the standard navigation, the hunch is that they tend to get lost in the shuffle. That they get ignored by users because they aren't necessarily in a logical place to look for them. So, have you seen them or have I alerted you to something that is new to you?

Anyway, I've posed some rhetorical questions here that we have to deal with, but if you want to respond with your thoughts about this feature, feel free to do so. In light of the initial information we've gotten from this usability test, I have a feeling I'll be posing a lot more questions to the community to help me get some insights and your thought about some of the changes we're kicking around.

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