Posted on: August 4, 2009 9:09 am

What Are You Searching For?

A lot has been made of 'Search' lately.  Microsoft and Yahoo! have teamed up to form a search giant to try and tackle Google.  Twitter has become a viable search tool to find out what people are saying about a specific topic.  They've made search the focus of their homepage.  Facebook has even taken strides to make their search more usable than it had been in the past. 

I've always felt that seachh, in the context of Fantasy, was pretty straightforward.  Basically, you are searching for players.  And the search result is a 'player page' with all of the relevant content you would ever need to make a decision about that player.  But with all of the recent developments in search and the progress of the algorithms over the years, is there more we could be offering to serve your needs? 

For instance, if I go to Twitter and search for Ronnie Brown , I see a bunch of people having a conversation about Ronnie Brown including things like where he is going in Fantasy drafts, if he'll be the primary person handling the ball in the wildcat formation this year, how he has looked in training camp so far, etc.  Would things like that be relevant information to you in helping to make a decision about this player?  What else would you deem relevant that you are not getting when you search for a player in Fantasy?  Is search something you use in Fantasy other than a player search within our system?
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